Roda-Roda Nada di Bakunawa Film Festival Philippine 2023

Crew Rekamfilms, 03 November 2023

The 10th edition Bakunawa Fest. The first fantastic, music and art film festival in the Philippines, proudly closes with the Indonesian documentary 'Roda Roda Nada' (The Tone Wheels) by Yuda Kurniawan, a compelling story that follows a group of passionate, determined artists who performs and celebrates Dangdut music on the streets of Jakarta.

This is a charming documentary that effortlessly brings you into the action. There's much to like in this documentary and will surely lure you to invest on their story. The artists here are rock stars in their own universe - the long noisy streets of real everyday people! It's a gem of a film. Roda-Roda Nada proves that not all edgy films need to be odd, weird or shocking!

BAKUNAWA FEST (@bakunawafest) X Closing Films.
Nov 11, 2023, 5 PM, UPFI VIDEOTHEQUE [ All Premieres ] more info ►►

Director: Yuda Kurniawan
Documentary I 98min I Indonesia

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