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Roda-Roda Nada



Ubay (50), a Dangdut musician and owner of a Dangdut cart group in Jakarta. Together with his dangdut cart member, he wanted to record their songs. A long-held desires and must be realized before their age is getting older. Didiet (53) is Ubay’s old friend is willing to help them to realize their dreams, even though he has only a simple recording device and an old computer. The process of recording was many obstacles. But their great passion for Dangdut is the main reason for facing it all.

Presented by : Rekam Films
Producer : Yuda Kurniawan, Misya Latief
Director : Yuda Kurniawan

Documentary Feature

Film Festival and Awards:

1.    Nominasi Film Dokumenter Panjang Terbaik FFI 2022
2.    Best Editing, Indonesian Screen Awards, JAFF 2022
3.    Official Selection, Festival Film Dokumenter Yogyakarta 2022
4.    Documentary Competition, Kazan International Muslim Film Festival 2022
5.    Film Dokumenter Panjang Terpilih, Piala Maya 2022
6.    Closing Film, Solo Film Festival 2022
7.    In Competition, Bali International Film Festival 2023