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Balada Bala Sinema



Cinema Lovers Community (CLC) Purbalingga, established by Bowo Leksono in 2006, has so far generated a number of young filmmakers with a lot of national-level achievements. Moreover, CLC Purbalingga has been consistently and independently holding the Purbalingga Film Festival, presenting a “Celebration” of Film Festival amidst society, holding the open-air cinema in many villages in Banyumas Raya. Purbalingga is so far away from the luxurious, cutting-edge theaters and the frenetic film industry of the Capital; yet, there is where the zest to present the best for Indonesian cinema keeps alive and propagating. This is a documentary about their passion, militancy, and simplicity – the Ballads of Cinema Lovers.

Presented by :
Producer : Yuda Kurniawan
Director : Yuda Kurniawan

Official Film Trailer


1. Official Selection. Singapore International Film Festival 2017.

2. Competition. NETPAC Section. Asian Film Festival, Barcelona 2018.

3. Official Selection. Purbalingga Film Festival 2017.

4. Nominee. Best documentary feature. Indonesian Film Festival 2017.

5. Official Selection. Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2017.

6. Official Selection. Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival 2017.

7. Official Selection. Solo Documentary Film Festival 2017.

8. Official Selection. Festival Komunitas Film Nusantara, Yogyakarta 2017

9. Official Selection. Indonesia On Screen. Babylon Berlin, Germany 2018.

10. Official Selection. UI Film Festival, Jakarta 2018.

11. Official Selection. Pesta Film Solo 2019.

12. Competition. Lift Off Session Film Festival, London 2019.




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10. - Sepuluh Film Indonesia Pilihan Tahun 2017.

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